Eines Villa di Nozze Waikiki Leia Guest House

アイネス ヴィラノッツェ ワイキキレイア ゲストハウスでのハワイ ウェディング レセプション


A guesthouse with three party rooms located on the grounds of Ines Villa di Nozze Waikiki Leia. A mansion-style party where you can relax and enjoy private time with your loved ones while retaining the lingering after-wedding feeling! Guests will smile with a creative French course that uses fresh Hawaiian ingredients and incorporates Japanese tastes. will spill. Enjoy a homely party with hospitable service and delicious food prepared with care.


Island style creative French
Seating Time
10:30  last seating 18:00~(Garden party 16:30、last seating 18:00
Party Time
2 hour(garden party 2.5 hour)
2~28 people(garden party様 6~40people include Kids)
Private room
2F Maile  max 16 people
2F Pikake max 16 people(with Terrace)
1F Melia  max 28 people
※You can choose your room. However, 1F Melia is only for parties of 6 or more people. For parties of 17 or more people, we will move to 1F Melia.
Kids Menu

Message From Issei Company

This reception venue is located in Eines Villa di Nozze Waikiki Leia.
Reservations for reception only are also possible.  They have private rooms indoors or garden parties.
Also recommended for small receptions.


1/1/2024 – 12/31/2024

Garden Party Menu

1/1/2024 – 12/31/2024

Wedding Cake

  • Strawberry,  Heart Shape (17cmX17cm)  for 10 $281
  • Berry topping 2 tier(not include Cake topper)ケーキ(bottom 20cmXupper 13cm)  for 20 $397
  • Berry topping 3 tier (not include Cake topper)(bottom 28cmX middle 20cmX upper 13cm) for 30 $840(2024)
  • Mix berry semi-naked  2 tier (bottom 16cm/upper 11cm) for 10 Vanilla sponge, Strawberry short $586(2024)

ストロベリー・ハート型ケーキ  ベリートッピング2段ケーキ 2段 ベリートッピング3段ケーキ 3段   ストロベリーパンケーキタワー15段


  • Please note that menu contents may change without notice.
  • Children over 2 years old must apply for the menu. Children under 2 years old will be allowed a seat only.
  • It is possible to change the menu included in the garden party to a course menu. However, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 28 people.
  • The option of an additional dish can only be requested when applying for the adult course menu or garden party menu for 6 or more people.
  • Additional charges will apply if reception hours are extended due to customer convenience.
  • One group cannot order different menus. There will be one menu per group.
  • Please contact us in advance if you have any requests for ingredients that you cannot eat due to allergies.
  • We do not sell alcohol, so please purchase your own alcohol and bring it with you on the day of your wedding. Glasses and ice will be provided at the venue. If drinks are stored in advance at Issey Company and delivered to the venue, an additional fee will be charged.
  • Bringing in soft drinks is prohibited.
  • Soft drinks are on sale.
    Oolong tea, orange juice, cola, Sprite each glass sold for $3
    6 types of non-alcoholic cocktails $4~$6
  • Cake cannot be taken home。
  • If the number of cakes exceeds the reference number, we will serve the number of possible cuts to the table.
  • One taxi will be provided for free return transportation for every 6 people attending the party. (1 to 6 people: 1 car, 7 to 12 people: 2 cars, 1 additional car for every 6 people / vehicle type cannot be specified) Target area: Waikiki area (other than hotels if the address and name are clear) (Available for pick-up and drop-off even in the Waikiki area) The Kahala Hotel & Resort and Ala Moana Hotel are eligible. Please note that we can only specify one destination for one vehicle.



Cancellation Policy

  • Booking day〜32 day before:$500.00
  • 31 day 〜22 day before:30% of the total amount including food, drinks and options.
  • 21 day〜wedding day:100% of the total amount including all planned food and beverages and options.

Reservation & Inquiry

(808) 306-0000

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