Plumeria Beach House (The Kahala Hotel)

プルメリア ビーチ ハウス(カハラ)での披露宴、レセプション

Plumeria Beach House

Plumeria Beach House Reception Overview

Serving Style
Set menu
Everyday 11:30am〜2:00pm
Last seating 1:30pm
Every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:30pm〜8:30pm
Blackout Dates
New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve
Private room
Photography / Videography
Professional photographers are not allowed.
(However, toasts, cake cutting, etc. can be photographed by a professional in about 10 minutes.)
Videotaping is not allowed.
Booking Terms and Conditions
1 Reception at Plumeria Beach House requires that you must be staying at the Kahala Hotel or have your wedding ceremony at the Kahala Hotel.
Staying at the Kahala Hotel means that all reception participants must stay at the Kahala.
2 Up to 24 people in a group
However, more than 8 persons may be divided into two or more tables.
3 Lunch Reservations accepted up to 2 wedding receptions per day
Dinner Reservations accepted up to 2 wedding receptions per day
4 Table locations and seating will be determined by the restaurant on the day of the event.
5 No wedding cakes may be brought in.
6 Up to 2 coordinators for the wedding reception can be included in the maximum number of guests (22 guests + 2 coordinators = 24 guests)
(The final information about the reservation must be provided to Kahala Hotel more than 5 days before the reservation date.)
Table Location
Upper section in the restaurant
About table decorations
Balloons are not allowed
Tablecloths are not allowed
Flowers allowed, but must be of low height (6 inches or less)
Seating cards and place cards allowed
Sprinkle decorations are not allowed

Message from Staff

There is a grassy space between the beach and the restaurant. The contrast between the white sand of the beach, the blue of the sea and sky, and the green of the lawn is very beautiful. The restaurant has recently been renovated and is even more satisfying.

The Kahala Hotel Certified Bridal House

Issei Company, Inc. is certified by The Kahala Hotel as an accredited bridal house. With tasteful decorations, sophisticated service, and a wealth of experience, we will make sure that your vision of a Kahala wedding comes true.

Plumeria Beach House
Reception Menu


Valid from 4/1/2024 through 3/31/2025

Wedding cate (2024)

tier size max cuts price
1 6″ 6 $197
8″ 10 $279
10″ 20 $361
12″ 36 $442
2 6″ & 8″ 16 $475
8” & 10” 20 $557
8” & 12” 36 $664
3 6″ & 8″ & 10″ 30 $1,056
8” & 10” & 14″ 60 $1,208
8” & 12” & 16″ 80 $1,358

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Cancellation Policy

  • Within 30 days before the reservation date: 100%.

Reception at Plumeria Beach House
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