A gentle and relaxing wedding in Hawaii

In 2023, we will be celebrating our 22nd year since our founding.

Disaster relief efforts underway on Maui

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We have been holding weddings in Hawaii for 22 years.
During that time, we have consistently aimed for a homely, relaxing wedding.
Now that new light has begun to shine on Hawaii, I would like to work on Hawaii weddings with a renewed sense of freshness.
We aim to provide the best time of your life by making arrangements that meet the needs of each individual customer.
All of our staff are looking forward to seeing you in Hawaii.

Issei Watanabe

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Issei Co Promo Movie Vol. 1

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Kahala Plumeria Grove Wedding

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Halekulani Courtyard Wedding

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Waialae Beach Location Movie

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by Tree House Production

Hawaiian Villa/lulunoa film/Original

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Kahala Wedding by 45HI

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Hawaii Connecting Hearts Campaign Movie

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