You + We

フォトウェディング You & We

You + We by 45HI&Uta Hair & Make up

This is a “Photo & Movie Tour” that takes both photos and movies.
This is a collaboration plan between dual photographer girlfriend DUKE (45HI) and stylist Rie from Loving Wife (Uta Hair & Make).
We provide “friendly assistance to couples, both of them.”
We take a longer time for this leisurely and relaxed tour.
Brides will also be happy to receive pre-makeup consultation from Rie.



Price Include

  • Photo and movie tour of 2 locations by Duke
    90 minute shooting x 2 locations 100 cuts Movie 2 to 3 minutes
  • 120 minutes of makeup by Uta Hair & Make up / Rie, accompanying photo tour to 2 locations, 15 minutes of hair quick change, prior consultation (from 3 months in advance)
  • Transportation by Mini Van
  • Bouquet(Artificial Bouquet   Choice from 3 )

(Note) Costumes such as dresses and tuxedos are not included. Please feel free to bring your own or contact us regarding local rental.


  • Makeup shoot (60 min, 30 cuts, movie) $180.00
  • Photo shoot in the hotel (30 min) $150.00 (includes makeup attend)
  • Add 1 photo tour (90 min of photo shoot, 50 cuts, movie, make-up included, transportation extension fee). $1,200.00
  • One location on the photo tour was changed to a church.
    • Moanalua Community Church (60 min) $550.00
      Central Union Cathedral (60 min) $850.00
      (Note) In the case of Central Union, photo that suggests a wedding ceremony is not allowed (e.g. ring exchange, veil up, prayer pose).
  • Additional hair quick change 15 minutes. $80.00
  • Travel Fee
    • North Shore $250.00
    • Botanical Garden $80.00


(Please choose from below)

Ala Moana Beach, Magic Island, Kapiolani Park, Kakaako Waterfront Park, Waialae Park, Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki Town, Kakaako Wall Art, etc.

Photo Data Delivery【About 2 weeks】

Because we focus on quality rather than quantity, the number of items delivered is somewhat limited. The delivered size of one photo is [3600 pixels on the long side].

Video Date Delivery【About 4 weeks】

The delivered video size is [Full HD/1920 x 1080 pixels/aspect ratio 16:9]
We also deliver videos that are smaller in size for mobile phones and mobile devices.
The music in the video uses only sound sources that are free of copyright issues.

Delivery method

We will use data delivery to deliver to your email.



Cancellation Policy

  • Booking date〜46days before:Free
  • 45days before〜31days before:$700.00
  • 30days after:100%

Message from Duke & Rie

Nice photo! Good video! I think what is essential is the time spent having fun.
How much will you enjoy Hawaii with the photographer and hair and makeup artist you are meeting for the first time?
Our strength is our ability to provide services that you can enjoy together.
We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and felt happy.
A gentle photo shoot for the two of you.