St. Andrews Cathedral Church

セントアンドリュース大聖堂でのハワイ ウェディング

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

A cathedral made entirely of stone that took nearly 100 years to build. A majestic appearance in the French Gothic style. Hawaii’s largest stained glass that reaches all the way to the ceiling and the sound of a pipe organ give you the feel of a cathedral. The stained glass in front of the entrance is 15 meters high and is an impressive sight.


Virgin Aisle
40m Stone Aisle
Stained Glass
Piped Organ
10:00, 11:00, 12:00 (Every Mon and Thu, 1st Sat of every month)
13:00, 14:00 (Every Mon, Thu, Fri, 1st Sat of every month)
15:00、16:00 (Every Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat)
17:00 (Every Mon, Thu, Fri)
Every Tue, Wed, Sun
2023 1/1、1/2、4/3、4/6、4/7、4/8、5/12、5/18、5/19、5/26、5/27、6/2、6/3、11/23、12/8、1215、12/23、12/25  and Church Event Day
Air Conditioner
Flower Shower

Wedding Package Price

2024/1/1-2024/12/31 $3,760.00

Price Include

  • Church Site Fee(1 hour ceremony)
  • Minister
  • Organist
  • Singer
  • Coordinator
  • Wedding Certificate
  • Limousine Transportation (R/T from Waikiki Hotel)
  • Basic Bouquet & Botonia
    (White denfare clutch bouquet)


※Tax will be added to the price separately.

  • Toasting Ceremony for Bride & Groom $28
  • Toasting for per guest  $10.00
  • Flower Shower(for 10pax)$205
    • Flower showers can only be ordered when ordering a Couture Naoko bouquet.
  • Cake Cutting Ceremony $320
    • 6inch round Berry Topping
    • You cannot take the cake home. The cake for cutting is only available to couples.


  • You can bring dresses and tuxedos.
  • Discounts are available for Couture Naoko dresses and tuxedos.
    The discount is $350 for dresses and $150 for tuxedos. Please report it to us.
    Choose photos, albums, and videos from Couture Naoko’s lineup. You cannot bring your own items.
  • >> クチュールナオコのフォトツアー(外部リンク)
  • Music (pipe organ) may be changed to piano on the day due to weather or local electrical conditions.。
  • It is no longer necessary to submit a marriage acceptance certificate.
  • Photography and videography by attendees during the ceremony is prohibited.
  • Participants are not allowed to enter the chapel by car.
  • We cannot accept legal weddings.
  • The wedding date and time may change depending on the circumstances of the wedding venue.



Tentative Reservation Period

1 week(More than 2 months until the wedding day)

Cancellation Charge

  • 8 days after booking〜40days before $2,000.00(deposit)
  • 39days before〜Wedding day 100%

Note: Changes and cancellations within 14 days of application are free (one time only). Changes in date and time, applicant’s name, and changes to another chapel will be treated as cancellation.

Reservation & Inquiry

(808) 306-0000