Calvary by the Sea Church

キャルバリー バイ ザ シー (カルバリー) 教会でのハワイウェディング

Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church

Calvary by the Sea Church is the only waterfront church on Oahu. Having your wedding ceremony facing the ocean gives you a sense of openness, and you can occasionally see surfers. This is a Hawaiian wedding.

Facility of Calvary by the Sea Church

Virgin Aisle
10m (Staircase)
Stained Glass
Organ(Might substitute by piano)
Wedding Available Day
Mon, Thu: 9am 〜 5pm
Tue  :10am 〜 5pm
Wed  :10am 〜 4pm
Fri  : 9am 〜 2pm
3pm〜5pm (Possibility of opening 180 days in advance)
Sat  : 9am 〜 12pm (Possibility of opening 180 days in advance)
1pm 〜 5pm (Possibility of opening 90 days in advance)
Sun  : 2pm 〜 4pm (Possibility of opening 90 days in advance)
Air Conditioner
Flower Shower
Available(Fee required)
Legal Wedding
Available(Fee required)

Wedding Package Price


Wedding Package Price Include

  • Church Site Fee(1 hour ceremony)
  • Minister
  • Organist
  • Singer
  • Coordinator
  • Wedding Certificate (Non Official)
  • Limousine Transportation (R/T from Waikiki Hotel)

Wedding Option

Couple Toasting (Non-Alchohol)  $55
Guests Toasting (Non-Alchohol) $22/guest
Cake Cutting (6inch 1tier  Pink rose) $245
Cake Cutting (8inch 1tier Pink rose) $380
Cake Cutting (6inch 1tier Ocean) $330
Cake Cutting (8inch 1tier Ocean) $425
Hawaiian Wedding $580(1 hour ceremony)
Harpist Ask
Duo Singers Ask
2 hour ceremony  $3,950
Legal Wedding $120
Flower Girl / Clean-up charge $80
Vow Renewal $155(1 or 2 couples)

If there are more than 30 guests, the ceremony will be for 2 hours. If you have more than 30 people and a one-hour ceremony, there will be an additional fee ($500). In this case, there will be restrictions on how the ceremony can proceed.

For dresses and tuxedos, we recommend Forsys & Co. (For costumes other than these, a bring-in fee may apply)

Pink Rose (1 tier, chiffon cake with strawberries and cream, 3 pink roses on top)

Ocean style (1 tier, chiffon cake with passion fruit cream, with seashell made of sugar)

Message from Issei Company

Calvary-by-the-Sea Church is stadium-style, with seating arranged in tiers around the altar, giving guests a clear view of the ceremony. You can cut the cake and toast in the garden.

Attire for Ceremony

There is no problem with Aloha shirts and muumuu, which are the formal wear of Hawaii. Please refrain from wearing shorts, jeans, or flip-flop type slippers. Also, please remove your hat inside the church.

Guidelines for participation in the wedding ceremony

  • Ring bearer – Male and female, up to 2 people over 4 years old
  • Flower Girl- Girls only, up to 2 people over 4 years old
  • Female participants -up to 2  including maid of owner
  • Male participants-up to 2  including best man

Whether your child can do it or not will be determined at rehearsal. Trainbearers are not permitted.


  • For transportation of attendees, please use the shuttle vehicle arranged by our company. Participants’ cars cannot be parked on the premises. Please park around the church at your own risk.
  • Food, drinks, and balloons are not allowed on church grounds.
  • Bringing in photographers (individually arranged) is prohibited.
  • Other video companies cannot be brought in.


Deposit(1 hour ceremony)

$700-(CR Card Fee required)

Tentative Reservation Period

2 weeks(More than 91days until the wedding date)

Cancellation Charge

  • Booking Date〜31days before=Deposit
  • 30days before〜wedding day=Full Charge

Agent、Name、Date、and Time change policy

  • The first change (date) is free (if there are 15 days or more until the wedding)
  • From the second time onwards, the following fees will be charged. (For a 1 hour wedding ceremony)
    • 60 days〜30 days before:Package Price x 30%
    • 29 days〜15 days before:Package Price x 50%

Calvary Church Official Site

Inquiry and Reservation

(808) 306-0000