Central Union Church Atherton Wedding

Central Union Atherton Church

Central Union Middle Cathedral looks small because it is located next to the cathedral, but its calm atmosphere, tasteful interior design, and private garden with large trees make it irresistible.


Virgin Aisle
Blue 17m
Stained Glass
Piped Organ
Everyday(Exclude Holiday)
Mon、Tue、Thu、Fri:10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM
Sat:12PM, 2PM, 4PM
Sun:2PM, 4PM
Air Conditioner
Flower Shower
Available(Fee Required)

Message from Issei Company

Central Union Atherton is a very cute and warm church. It features a rare blue carpet, dark wood bench, and tasteful antique chandelier. If you have few guests, you may be better off choosing Central Union Atherton. Although it is small, there are plenty of photo spots, and the private garden is also very picturesque. It’s about a 15 minute drive from Waikiki. The church grounds are large, so you won’t have to worry about car noise.

Wedding Package Price


$2,050 (2024/1/1- 2024/12/31)

Package Price Include

  • Church Site Fee(1 hour ceremony)
  • Minister
  • Organist
  • Singer
  • Coordinator
  • Wedding Certificate (Non Official)
  • Limousine Transportation (R/T from Waikiki Hotel)

※If there are many participants or events, we recommend a 2-hour wedding ceremony. For a 2-hour ceremony, there is an additional $800 to the package price. Please contact us for additional fees for photographers, hair and make-up attendants, courtesy cars, etc. if your stay is extended.

Wedding Option

オプション名 内容 料金
Couple toast & Cake Cutting Non-Alcohol, and the cake was an 8-inch single-tier berry shortcake. Cake cannot be taken home $200.00
Toasting by Couple Non-alcohol $30.00
Guest Toast Non-alcohol $8.00 / pax
Vow Renewal Inside the church after the ceremony. Comes with a certificate. Same price for up to 2 groups. $350.00
Legal Wedding Please bring your Hawaii marriage license . >Please prepare a gratuity ($15-$20) for the pastor on the wedding day. $300.00
 Bubble Gun Bubble Gun x 2 $50.00
Flower shower for 10  (color not specified) Include Clean-up fee $150.00
Flower shower for 10 additional people (color not specified) Per 10people $100.00
Flower shower for 10 people (color specified) Include Clean-up fee $180.00
Flower shower for 10 additional people (color specified) per 10 guests $130.00
Pew Flower Virgin road artificial flower decoration (13 on each side, 26 in total) $100.00
Parasol (10 rental) From arrival to departure. Staff will look after your wedding ceremony. *White umbrellas will be provided in case of rain. $70.00
Polaroid camera mini (rental) 20 sheets of film, pen rental for messages, and mini plastic jar to take home
From arrival to departure. Staff will take care of the item during the ceremony. *If the item breaks down, is damaged, or is lost during use, a $50 fee will be charged.
Added Polaroid camera film (20 pieces) $50.00
Welcome drink bar set (1 set for 10 people) In the church garden before the ceremony. Choose one from lemonade, pink lemonade, or mango iced tea. $130.00
per additional drink person $11.00
Afternoon tea party set (1 set for 8 people) A set of 6 types of sweets including scones, macarons, fruit tarts, etc. and flavored tea.Extended stay for 30 minutes after the ceremony at the Courtyard

Not Available: 16pm, 17pm

*Extension fees for shuttle vehicles, photographers, etc. are not included. In case of rain, in the side corridor of the central cathedral.
*Please make your reservation early to secure the courtyard.

Drinks only per additional person $10.00


  • Items on the option list cannot be brought in.
  • Balloons are not allowed on the grounds (including the church and gardens).
  • There is no place to set up Welcome boards inside the church, but they can be set up at tables at the Welcome Drink Bar and Afternoon Tea Party.
  • You can be a flower girl, but you cannot sprinkle petals.
  • Children such as ring boys and flag boys must be 4 years old or older to participate.
  • If bridesmaids and ushers stand at the altar during the ceremony, up to 6 people, 3 on each side, are allowed. If you only want to walk, there is no limit to the number of people.
  • Please note that if a church event is scheduled, your wedding reservation may be subject to change even if you have confirmed your reservation.
  • The church organ undergoes regular maintenance, but in the unlikely event that we are unable to perform due to a power outage, we will use the piano.
  • If the number of attendees is 30 or more, it is mandatory to arrange for two guest coordinators.
  • Please contact us if you have any music requests. However, some songs may not be playable. If we accept your request, please prepare a gratuity (approximately $30-$50) for the musician.
  • If the ceremony is 2 hours long, you can have the first meet at the actual ceremony. In that case, we will have a rehearsal at the church the day before the wedding. (Please contact us regarding rehearsal time. Time cannot be specified)


$600-(CR Card Fee Required)

Tentative Reservation Period

2weeks(More than 2 months until the wedding day)

Cancellation Charge

  • Booking Day〜31days before=deposit $600
  • 30days before〜wedding day=full charge

Reservation and Inquiry

(808) 306-0000
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