Kajita’s free and stylish photo wedding

Kajita’s free and stylish photo wedding

Kazuya Kajita is a talented person who won the Hawaii Magazine Photo Contest Grand Prix.
He has lived in Hawaii for 20 years, has photographed guidebooks, and knows many different locations, so this plan is unique to him.
He will take the best photo shoot in the most suitable location according to your wishes.
Leave it to Kajita for a free and stylish photo wedding! !


Kajita+Make Aya Plan $1,800.00
Kajita+Make Atsuko Plan $1,800.00
(If no makeup is specified $1,750.00)

Price Include

  • Kazuya Kajita  Photo tour
    60min shooting x2 locations  70 cutsx2
  • Hair make 120 min、Attend Photo tour x 2  locations 、Hair quick change  x 1
  • Transportation by SUV
  • Bouquet(Artificial Bouquet  Choice from 4)


  • Make up Photo (45 min) $350.00
  • Hotel Lobby(30 min)$410.00(Include Make attend)
  • Add Photo Tour 1 location(Make attend、extend Trans). $560.00
  • Add Hair quick change $80.00
  • One location on the photo change to a church.
    • Moanalua Community Church(60 min)$550.00
    • Central Union Cathedral(60 min)$850.00
      (Note) In the case of Central Union photography, photography that suggests a wedding ceremony is not allowed.
      (Example: ring exchange, veil up, prayer pose)


Please let us know your general preference for the location (e.g. beach, town, park, etc.).
Mr. Kajita will take into account the weather, time, situation, etc. on the day of the shoot and guide you to the most suitable location for the shoot.

Shooting location

Ala Moana Beach, Magic Island, Kapiolani Park, Kakaako Waterfront Park, Waialae Park, Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki Town, Kakaako Wall Art, etc.

Data Delivery

Estimated delivery time : 1〜2 months
Delivery method : Pixieset web link



Cancellation Policy

  • Booking Date〜31 days before:$500.00
  • 30 days before :100%

Profile of Kajita

  • Amera Creative LLC Representative/Photographer Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1978
  • 2003 Moved to Oahu, Hawaii
  • 2008 HAWAII Magazine’s 10th Annual Photo Contest Award
  • 2010  Hawaii State Tourism Bureau Stock Photo Photographer
  • 2012  Appointed as official photographer of “Hawaii Bishoujo Encyclopedia”
  • 2013 Amera Creative LLC established
  • 2017 Solo exhibition “Magical Island” held at Canon USA PhotoGallery
  • In addition to wedding photography, we also photograph many magazines, advertisements, guidebooks, and events.

Message from Kajita

The smiles and natural appearance of the two in the beautiful scenery of Hawaii,
I want to capture every moment in photos.
I love this job because it allows me to share happy times with you!
Let’s leave lots of photos together that you’ll want to display in your room!

Profile of Atsuko Frank

  • Started career as a hair stylist in Tokyo
  • After working in various places, she started working as a hair and makeup artist in Hawaii in 2015.
  • Japanese beautician license
  • Hawaii Cosmetology License
  • I like natural styles and fresh styles that fit my personality.
    We strive to bring out the charm and make you happy with a finished product that exceeds your image.

Profile of Aya Kiyuna

  • After experiencing makeup in Japan, she became interested in American beauty and moved to the United States
  • Graduated from beauty school in the United States, obtained a cosmetology license, and works as a hair and makeup artist in Hawaii
  • While watching the couple getting their hair and makeup done and having their photo taken with a sparkling smile from the inside,
    I always think that I am doing this job to see this moment.
    We look forward to seeing you in Hawaii.