Free Style -Hair & Makeup Miho-

Styles Free -Hair make up Miho-


2024 Price List

(Below is subject to additional Hawaii state tax 4.712%)

Wedding Hair & Makeup (Dressing included) 120min $350
Rehearsal Hair & Makeup 120min $330
Body Makeover 15min $60
Body Makeover 30min $80
※We do not offer tattoo removal services.
Groom Hair & Makeup 30min $70
Groom Hair OR Makeup 15min $35
Guest Hair & Makeup 60min $200
Guest Hair OR Makeup 40min $150
Accompany by Hair & Makeup Artist
Wedding ceremony No time restriction $180
Photo Tour 45min $150
Hotel Photoshoot 30min $80
Sunset 60min $200
※If the service concludes outside the hotel, additional transportation fees will apply.

  • Waikiki area: $20
  • Kaka’ako, Downtown: $35
Hair Change
Headpiece only 10min $40
Quick Hair Change (outside) 15min $85
Hair Change (inside) 30min $100
Return to hotel for hair change 45min $150
Hair change and Makeup touch-up 60min $200
Dress change 15min $45
Travel Fee
Kahala Hotel $50
Kāneʻohe $200
Ko Olina $200
Northshore $250
Other Fees
Early Morning Fee(4:00am~6:00am) $45
Early Morning Fee(before 7:00am) $35
Early Morning Fee(before 8:00am)
✳︎No charge after 8:00am
Waiting fee 60min $100
※If the waiting time is three hours or more, no waiting fee will incur.
Application Fee
Payment within one week from the provisional reservation $300
Cancellation Policy
3 months or more from the service date $300
Within 3 months of the service date 50%
Within 1 month of the service date 100%



Born in Fukuoka. After working as a hair stylist in a salon in Japan, moved to Hawaii in 2011. Involved in bridal hair and makeup at a salon in Hawaii, and since 2016, working as a freelance hair and makeup artist.
Obtained a Japanese beauty stylist license and
Hawaii Cosmetology License.


I specialize in soft, glossy styles. I create hair and makeup looks that are modern, stylish, and convey a cute yet mature atmosphere. Valuing each unique encounter, I am dedicated to crafting styles that suit each individual. Cherishing the concept of ‘once in a lifetime,’ I approach every client with attention to detail.