Hair and Makeup Plan (No Designation of Stylist)

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On-the-day Bridal Hair and Makeup

2023 Price $240.00

A 120-minute bridal hair and makeup session. We offer assistance with hairstyling, face makeup, and dressing in the wedding gown.


  • Please be in the room and ready 15 minutes before the scheduled hair and makeup session.
  • Please ensure your hair is completely dry and free of any products. For your face, after cleansing, apply toner and moisturizer, but avoid wearing makeup.
  • Please apply sunscreen in advance to areas that will be exposed.
  • Please also apply facial sunscreen in advance and let it blend into your face.
  • After wearing underwear and stockings, please put on a front or back-opening robe.

Attending Plan

After getting ready, the makeup artist will accompany you during the ceremony and photo sessions. Constant touch-ups will be provided, ensuring you can approach the ceremony with confidence, even on windy days and days with strong sunlight.

Menu Time Price
Hotel photoshoot 30min. $60
45min. $70
Wedding ceremony 60-90min. $130
Beginning of the reception 30min. 30min. $50
Photo tour 30min. $130
45min. $140
60min. $150
Sunset photoshoot 45-60min. $160
Extension of service per 30min. $20
Waiting time per 1 hour $20
Quick hair change during attend 15-20min. $80
Hair change during attend 30min. $90

※Quick Hair Change: A simple change without using a dryer or curler. It takes place at the beach or church.

Rehearsal Hair and Makeup

2023 Price $240.00

Deciding the wedding day hairstyle and makeup.

  • By having a thorough consultation with the hair and makeup artist in advance, you can approach the actual day with confidence.
  • Please send any desired images or information to us in advance, or prepare them during the rehearsal makeup session.

Groom’s Hair and Makeup


How about capturing your best moments together? Groom’s hair and makeup are offered at a special package rate when booked with the bride’s services.

Menu Time Price
Groom’s hair & makeup 30min. $60
Groom’s hair styling 15min. $40
  • It is set price with the bride’s hair & makeup.
  • The makeup artist in charge of the bride will also take care of the groom.

Guest’s Hair and Makeup


Menu Time Price
Guest’s hair and makeup 60min. $130
Guest’s hair styling only(Reservations are accepted from a minimum of 2 people) 30min. $80
Guest’s makeup only(Reservations are accepted from a minimum of 2 people) 30min. $80
  • Price is per person
  • Prices apply to hotels in the Waikiki area. For accommodations such as villas, please inquire for pricing.

Outcall and Parking Fee


There is an outcall fee for hotels outside of Waikiki.

Outcall Fee Parking Fee
Kahala $30 $35 For weddings outside of Kahala. Also applies for rehearsal makeup.
Waimanalo $80 No additional fee
Aulani $210 $40

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations 31 days before the wedding date: No charge
  • Within 30 days before the wedding date: 100% charge