Bridal Flower by Maiko

Bridal Flower  by Maiko

The design bouquets created with our highly honed sensibilities, natural sense, extensive experience, and solid knowledge are the dreams of all brides.

Although you can imitate the atmosphere of her bouquet and table flowers, you cannot copy the subtle nuances.

Bring wedding flowers into the realm of art, and enjoy her wonderful work as an accompaniment to your special day.

Bridal Flowers by Maiko’s Instagram is here, and Pinterest is here.

Reception floral


  • Basic set for 4 people (delivery and breakdown included)$200.00
  • Per additional 4 people $200.00、Minimum 8 people

Basic for 4 people:

  • Pineapplex1
  • Hula Dancer x1
  • Orchids and antherium floral x2
  • Starfish Glass x1
  • Charger
  • Tee light x2
  • palm leaf
  • orchids cut flowers
  • linen runner
  • bride and groom chair sign

Not include Color napkin



  • Basic set for 4 people (delivery and breakdown included) $200.00
  • Per additional 4 people $100.00、Minimum 8people

Basic 4 people:

  • Rose  7 x1
  • Runner(Photo / Grey)You can change  your color
  • Tee light x4


  • Basic set for 8 people (delivery and breakdown included)$500.00
  • Per additional 4 people $250.00、minimum 8 people

Basic 4 people:

  • Eucalyptus and misty blue garland
  • Candle holder large x2+ Candle LED
  • Charger(Gold &White)
  • Napkin Flower(Misty &Green)
  • mercury type candlex4

Not Include Color Napkin


  • Basic set for 8 people (delivery and breakdown included)$350.00
  • Per additional 4 people $175.00、Minimum 8 people

Basic 4 people:

  • Candle(LED)+candle holderx1
  • Hydrangea and green flower arrangement + Mercury flower standx1
  • Votivie Mercury candlex8
  • Chiffonx1

Sea Foam

  • Basic set for 8 people (delivery and breakdown included) $800.00
  • Per additional 4 people $400.00、Minimum 8 people

Basic 4 people:

  • hydrangea arrangement garland
  • 3 types of cylinder floating candles x2
  • Napkin Flower(Orchid)
  • orchid cut flowers
  • turquoise tablecloth
  • glass flowerx2


ブライダルフラワー by Maiko 160713kah_014s

      • I grew up surrounded by nature and plants with my mother who is a flower arranger. He left his mother and became a direct disciple of Ikeno Matsuki.。
      • Learn flower arranging art and earn qualifications as an instructor and professor at the age of 20
      • Learned/completed everything from the basics of arranging to weddings in general at Keisen Women’s University Flower School
      • Completed Bill Hixon’s wedding flower major.
      • 1993: Worked at a flower shop in Hiroo, Tokyo/Women’s University flower arrangement club instructor/arrangement instructor
        She started working on private custom weddings.
      • 2000:Going to America
      • 2004: Started ordering individual bouquets in Hawaii.
        wedding salon, planner
        Hair and make-up, photographer, CM, magazine, celebrity wedding ceremony
        She takes special orders and is in charge of flowers for VIPs.
        In charge of wedding flowers for Instagrammers, etc.
      • 2010:Hawaii Leiday Hakurei Contest Newcomer Award 1st place
      • 2012: Hawaii Leiday  Hakulei Contest String Ray Division 3rd place

Message from Maiko

Aloha  from Hawaii

Like when we met,
Wedding flowers also have many stories.
Even the same flower has completely different scents and color saturation depending on the season.
The wedding bouquet was made for you
This is her only bouquet.
On your wedding day, it will bloom for you and wither for you.

I would like to give shape to the thoughts of that small flower.

What is important

Enjoy each day and be grateful for the small things

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