Artificial by Bridal Flower

Artificial by Bridal Flower

1) White ranunculus

造花ブーケ by Bridal Flower Materials: ranunculus, spray mum, geranium leaves Rental Price $185

2) Pink Roses

造花ブーケ by Bridal Flower Materials:Roses, peonies, cymbidiums, hydrangeas Rental Price $185

3) Tropical

造花ブーケ by Bridal Flower Materials:Ginger, King Protea, Red Protea, Mokara Orchid, Eryngium, Green Dianthus Rental Price $185

4) Green

造花ブーケ by Bridal Flower
Materials:Rose, sedum, lace flower, euca, dusty miller

Rental Price $185

3Rs Rental Flowers Bouquets. Zero waste Hawaii

What you can do to protect Hawaii’s beautiful nature on this memorable day.


〜Let’s reduce the amount of garbage Own less with artificial flower bouquet rentals. If you rent it locally, it won’t even be part of your luggage.


〜Use it again and again At weddings, there is a custom of borrowing someone else’s things and sharing them with happiness. Give a baton of happiness with an artificial flower bouquet.


〜Use it again A dedicated florist will touch up each item one by one after each use. We will repair, correct and recycle deteriorated artificial flowers.