Artificial flower bouquets made in Japan

The quality of artificial flower bouquets in Japan is very high, and they look as if they were made with fresh flowers, making them very popular overseas and at resort weddings.
Regardless of the season, you can combine your favorite flowers, and photos will leave a beautiful nuance of color that fresh flowers cannot.
It is also less likely to lose its shape or cause pain, so you can carry it with confidence when you move.
Therefore, we would like to introduce three bouquet shops that are popular for Hawaii weddings.
Please contact the store you are interested in and see the actual bouquet.
When contacting the store, please let us know that you were introduced to us by “Issei Company” and we will give you a special gift, so please feel free to contact us.
(Note) This is an introduction page for artificial flower bouquet salons. If you find a salon you like, please contact us directly.

Bouquet Deco

They are an atelier shop with a wealth of bridal experience, with ateliers in the Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku areas of Tokyo. You can consult with them while looking at the artificial flower bouquets and flower materials. They create your ideal bouquet from a wide variety of flower materials, matching each customer’s individual preferences and taking into account the image of the dress. You can also order boutonnieres, hair parts, flower crowns, ring pillows, wristlets, and other accessories to match your dress.
Issei Company – Benefits to choose from
Aboutonniere present
BHair parts worth 5,000 yen as a gift
(Please check at the salon for details)
Bouquet Deco HP


They have an atelier in Shibuya and Daikanyama, Tokyo.
Please come to their salon and we will create your bouquet with you.
Choose your favorite flower materials and create your own wedding bouquet under easy-to-understand guidance from your instructor.
It may seem a bit tedious, but the owner says, “It’s the best way to create your own bouquet, and we guarantee you’ll have the most fun.”
Of course, we also accept orders from far away.

Issei Company The benefits you can choose are: A boutonniere present

From Owner

It will be delivered in a special bag.
Do not put it in a suitcase,
Please be sure to carry it in your hand luggage.
Don’t worry, the bouquet is not very heavy.

Fluer-meー HP