45HI (Yoko Hawaii)

Photo & Movie. All by Duke


Duke will shoot both photos and movies on his own.
This plan is possible only with Duke, who has worked for Company L. for photography and Company P. for videography.
He can produce high-quality, high-taste work at an affordable cost.
Because only one person shoots both photography and videography, it is possible to achieve a sense of unity between the images and the film.

Photo & Movie Dual Shooting Plan

  • Photo and Movie
  • Since the video is a series of photos, the main focus during the ceremony is on the video recording, and the photos are cut out in the editing process.
  • Photo and video will be taken during the photo movie tour.
  • Vertical compositions that are difficult to express in video are utilized in photography, and expressions of movement that go beyond photography are made vibrant in video.

Preparation Scene + Ceremony Plan $2,350.00

  • Shooting details: preparation scene 60 min + Ceremony
  • Guaranteed photo data: 100 images
  • Movie 2-4 minutes

Ceremony + Photo Movie Tour Plan $2,650.00

  • Shooting details: Ceremony + Beach photo tour 60 min.
  • Guaranteed photo data: 110 images
  • Movie 3-4 min.

Preparation Scene + Ceremony + Photo Movie Tour Plan $3,250.00

  • Shooting details: Preparation scene 60 min + Ceremony + Beach 60 min
  • Guaranteed photo data: 140 images
  • Movie 3-4 min + 30 sec-1 min (2 types of movies)

Additional Options

  • Additional photo movie tour or party $850.00 per location
  • Shooting time 60 minutes per location

(Reference plan) Photo only, Movie only
Photo Only

◉Preparation Scene + Ceremony + Photo Tour Plan $1,950.00

  • Shooting details: Preparation scene 60 min + Ceremony + Photo tour 45 min
  • Guaranteed photo data: 170 images

Additional Options Photo Tour or Party

  • Additional 1 location : 45 minutes, 50 images $500.00
  • 20 images taken in the hotel lobby area for 30 minutes $175.00

Movie Only

◉Preparation Scene + Ceremony Plan $1,450.00

  • Shooting details: Preparation scene 60 min + Ceremony
  • Movie 3-4 min.

◉Ceremony + Movie Tour Plan $1,600.00

  • Shooting details: Ceremony + Beach 45 min.
  • Movie 3-4 min.

◉Preparation Scene + Ceremony + Movie Tour Plan $1,950.00

  • Shooting details: Preparation scene 60 min + Ceremony + Beach 45 min
  • Movie 3-4 minutes + 30 seconds – 1 minute (2 types of movies)

◉Ceremony Only Plan $1,050.00

  • Shooting details: Ceremony
  • Movie 3-4 min.

Additional Options Photo Tour or Party

  • Additional 45 minutes per location $500.00
  • Shooting in the hotel lobby area 30 minutes $175.00
  • Unedited Ceremony $450.00
  • 30 seconds – 1 minute movie $295.00
  • Drone $440.00


  • Hotel lobby area shooting can be added only if you order preparation scene shooting.
  • 30 seconds – 1 minute movie
    Movie of 60 seconds or less that can be used on social networking sites.
  • Drone shooting
    We may cancel the drone shooting due to weather conditions on the day of shooting.


  • Original album 10 pages, 15 cuts $735.00
  • Original album 20 pages, 30 cuts $1,250.00
  • Unlike paper albums, this special album is printed on canvas and has a leather cover.
    The leather cover is available in one of ten different colors.

Express delivery

  • Please contact us

Travel fee

  • Kahala area $20.00
  • Sandy Beach, Lanikai, Pearl City $110.00
  • North Shore, Waimea $190.00
  • Kualoa, Eva Beach, Waialua $150.00

Waiting fee

  • Less than 1 hour free
  • Every 30 minutes over 1 hour $22.00

About Data Delivery

Photo delivery time : within approx. 2 weeks

  • Although the number of guaranteed images may be smaller than other companies, we deliver high quality photos as quickly as possible by focusing on quality.
  • The size of a single photo is [3600 pixels on the longest side].

Movie delivery time : within approx. 4 weeks

  • This is a digest movie of about 2-4 minutes.
  • Customers who apply for the additional photo movie tour will receive a short movie of approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, which is easy to use on social networking sites.
  • There is no wedding movie that records the entire ceremony from beginning to end. The reason we do not shoot with a fixed point camera is to be flexible so that we do not miss any momentary opportunities to capture the moment.
  • The size of the video to be delivered is Full HD/1920 x 1080 pixels/aspect ratio 16:9, which is a typical video size.
  • We will also deliver another type of video in a smaller size for cell phones and mobile devices, so there will be two types of videos: the original and the portable size.
  • The music in the video is only from sound sources that have been paid for and duly licensed with no copyright issues, so it can be used at parties after returning home without any problems.

Delivery method

  • We use a file transfer service called Data Mail to deliver the files to the customer’s e-mail. Since we use a dedicated server for paying members, it is safer and faster than a shared server.
  • It is also possible to check whether the customer has downloaded the data, which helps prevent delivery omissions.


  • $700.00

Cancellation policy

  • Initial booking  date – 46 days prior: Free of charge
  • 45 to 31 days before the shooting date: $700.00
  • 30 days or less before the shooting date: 100%.


I have lived in Hawaii for 15 years and love the customer service industry where I interact with people. When I was in Japan, I brought out the smiles at Disney resorts, and in Hawaii, I capture the casual and wonderful moments, natural expressions, and fleeting tears through my lens without missing a single moment.
With a wealth of experience in both photography [7 years at La-vie Bridal] and video [7 years at Propeller USA], I enjoy shooting in a new and unique way.

Instagram : duke45hi

Message from Duke

It is truly a waste not to preserve the value of an important event in one’s life, a wedding in Hawaii, and to leave it in a tangible form.
What makes my photographs and videos unique is that I am serious about the wedding, not only to ensure that each and every scene of the wedding is captured, but also to capture the casual gestures, natural smiles, and fleeting tears, and the feeling of capturing these moments.
It is not only about the couple, but also about the family and friends who will attend.
We want to leave everyone’s wedding in a tangible form, and we want those who cannot attend to be able to see it, and by putting it in a tangible form, this becomes possible.
I think this is even more so in this age of video, where you can watch videos anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone.
I always want to deliver treasures that will last a lifetime.

Sample Video

You can choose between two types of video editing: Cinematic Edit and Realistic Edit.

  • Cinematic Edit = Edit with filtered effect processing
  • Realistic Edit = realistic color editing

photo sample