Kaori Plan


With amazing sense and skillful makeup, experience the magic of Kaori.
Kaori’s refined makeup, including American style makeup is well-known. It’s a perfect plan that includes counseling as well.

Complete Plan

2023 Price $1,300.00


  • Kaori’s appointment fee
  • Counseling via email (Counseling begins 3 months prior to the wedding date)
  • Rehearsal makeup 120min
  • Bride’s hair & makeup 120min
  • Groom’s hair & makeup 30min
  • Kaori accompanies after hair & makeup, from hotel photoshoot, wedding ceremony, photo tour (1 location)
  • Quick Change    One quick change plus one head accessory change.
    • Quick Change:15min. Hair change without using hair dryer and iron (e.g. from upstyle to downstyle)
    • Head Accessory Change.:10min. Changing only the accessories without altering the hairstyle(e.g. from tiara to a fresh flower headpiece.)


  • If changing the beach photo location to Waimanalo $200.00

Appointment fee $300

Outcall fee and parking fee

For hotels outside Waikiki, an outcall fee will be incurred.

Outcall fee Parking fee
Kahala $30 $35 Excluding Kahala wedding. Also applies for rehearsal makeup.
Aulani $210 $40

Important Notices and Terms

Application Deposit

Within 2 weeks from the provisional reservation $300.00

Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks from reservation No charge
  • From 2 weeks after reservation to 31 days before the wedding day. $300.00
  • Within 30 days before the wedding day 100%


Kaori Ito

Experienced career and an amiable personality are beloved by our customers.


Faces Fashion Photo Studio (Makeup manager)
Became a freelance makeup artist (Have engaged in work with Sony Music and many other projects.)
  • Graduated from Yamano Beauty College, Los Angeles campus.
  • Obtained Cosmetologist (California)
  • Obtained Cosmetologist (Hawaii)


Wedding day is the day when you want to shine more than any other day. Please keep the following points in mind for this important day. I wish the best for everyone as you prepare for the wedding day.

  • Take care of your skin and also your health. Maintain a regular and healthy lifestyle as you prepare for the wedding day.
  • Boarding the plane with makeup on is definitely not good for your skin.
  • Especially, the dry air inside the plane is your skin’s biggest enemy.
  • Flights from Japan are at night, which makes it even more crucial.
  • Don’t forget to prepare facial cleansing before boarding the plane.
  • After removing your makeup, don’t forget to moisturize your skin.


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