lulunoa Film

lulunoa Film

Based on their deep experience and knowledge in the video industry, they deliver movies with a comfortable tempo, as if they were created according to a well-developed scenario and storyboards. This is a two-camera collaboration of Go and Satoka, a husband-and-wife videographer couple with exquisite teamwork.

Wedding Film +α   $1,850.00

Filming Contents

  • 3-4 minutes digest movie of the ceremony and +α scenes
    +(+α = Choice of preparation, location shooting, 1 hour reception time)
  • Shooting by 2 photographers (Go & Satoka)
  • Licensed sound source is used.
  • Data delivery: Web delivery: about 1 month (about 2 months if optional shooting is added)

If you choose the preparation scene and hotel lobby area for +α $2,050.00

Additional Options

  • Preparation(1 hr $440.00
  • Hotel lobby(30 min $440.00
  • Preparation + hotel lobby(1.5 hr $660.00
  • Location shooting(45 min $440.00
  • Reception(30 min $295.00
  • Reception(1 hr $440.00
  • Uncut ceremony (15 min $515.00
    This is the shooting of the wedding scene (from the grand entrance of the bride to exit of the couple). It will be delivered separately from the main film. If there is no order for this service, we will not shoot the entire wedding scene, so please be sure to order it in advance.
  • SNS Film $265.00
    This is a shortened and edited version of the full-length film to about 1 minute, available for use on social networking sites.
    If you are OK to use it on our and the filming company’s social networking sites, we will give it to you as a gift.

(new product)Ceremony Basic    $985.00

Filming Contents

  • 20 minutes of recorded footage from arrival at the venue to departure
  • Arrival at the venue before the ceremony (approx. 2 mins) Full ceremony (approx. 15 mins) and after the ceremony until departure (approx. 3 mins)
  • 30-60 seconds Short Movie (using licensed sound source)
  • 1 videographer
  • Data delivery Web delivery Approx. 1 month
  • Options are not available with this package

Location Movie / 2 Location $1,200.00 / 3 Location   $1,500.00

Filming Contents

  • 2-3 minute digest movie
  • Designed for photo weddings and opening movies
  • 1 photographer (Go or Satoka)
  • Licensed sound source is used.
  • Data delivery Web delivery Approx. 1 month

Standby charge

  • Less than 1 hour : free
  • Every 30 minutes over 1 hour $40.00

Delivery date

Wedding Film + α  about in a month (If additional options are ordered, about 2 months after the shooting date)

Delivery method

Web Delivery

We will send you the Vimeo URL.

Delivered data Full HD (1920 x 1080) / mp 4



Cancellation policy

  • Within 14 days of booking Free
  • After 15 days of reservation – 61 days before the shooting day 30%
  • 60 days to 8 days prior to the shooting date 50%
  • 7 days before to the day of the shooting 100% 100% of the day of the shooting

lulunoa’s profile

Go’s profile

  • Born in Ome City, Tokyo
  • After graduating from the Japan Academy of Moving Images,
  • He worked on many films, commercials, and PV productions as a member of the cinematography department
  • Moved to Hawaii in 2015.
  • He loves surfing, table tennis, bouldering, and being physically active.
  • but dieting doesn’t work for him.

Satoka’s profile

  • Born in Samegawa Village, Fukushima Prefecture
  • After graduating from a technical college, worked for a TV program production technology company.
  • Was attracted to the bridal industry after filming her sister’s friend’s wedding.
  • Moved to Hawaii in 2017.
  • Became addicted to trekking after coming to Hawaii.

Message from lulunoa

We are a small film company in Hawaii that is a husband and wife team.

We formed lulunoa film in 2021 after getting married.

With the concept that “a story resides in a video image”.

The scenery you saw that day, the wind you felt, the casual moments of your loved ones,

We spin a small but warm story.

We look forward to spending a special day together with those who like our style!