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  • Kirk Men's Formals

Kirk Men's Formals

Kirk Men’s Formals

One ot the biggest men’s tuxedo rental in Kanto metropolitan area. Groom and fathers can fit in Japan and receive in Hawaii.


Kirk Men’s Formal offers slim stylish tuxedos for not only groom but also fathers and guests. You can receive them in Waikiki and return to your hotel bell desks.

Tuxedo rental package isreasonable ¥68,000+tax. This plan includes, shirts, shoes, accessories and cleaning fee.

Accessories like neckties, bowties and vests have many color variations and you can switch them as you wish.

You can add bowtie for you photo tour sessions.

New Service “Fit at your home and receive in Wiakiki.”
Please order through our special web site.



[Receive in Hawaii]

  • Tuxedo for groom about 70,000 JPY
  • Morning Dress for farthers about 25,000 JPY
  • Tuxedo for guests about 25,000 JPY

[Receive in Japan]

  • Order made tuxedo for groom about 95,000 JPY
  • Order made accessories rentals about 13,000 JPY
  • Tuxedo rentals for Japan about 70,000 JPY
  • Guest Formal Collections about 25,000 JPY

Double Plan

Doble rentals 95,000 + tax in Hawaii and Japan. Add 30,000 JPY and you can choose your tuxedo from all collecitions in our salons.

You can add to your Hawaii rental plans.

How to rental in Hawaii

Fitting and order in Japan at our Aoyama salon or at your home
at T-GALLERIA salon
to hotel bell desk

Delivery and return methods may vary by your hotel or itineraries.

Our Salons

Kirk Men’s Formal Aoyama

Dorick Minami Aoyama 3F
2-27-14 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5772-5595 Fax: 03-5772-5596
Hours: 11:00~20:00
Open: Everyday

Kirk hawaii

2222 Kalakaua Ave Hawaii DFS
Galleria Tower #1101
Tel: 808-926-7216
Hours: 9:00~17:30
Open: Everyday except Saturday and Sunday
will open for pick-up appointment.

Order Fitting

Please call to following number for fitting.(Please refer “Issei Comapny”)
03-5772-5595 for reservation

Please visit following web site for details.

Krik Men’s Formal


Kirk Hawaii