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Chrissy Lambert

Chrissy Lambert’s Plan

Chrissy Lambert

price list Cuts lenght Price
Make up Scene 250 60 min $1,600
Inside Limousine
Ceremony 90 min
Hotel 30 30 min $200
Photo Tour
One of Magic Island, Waialae, Kahala Beach,
Kapiolani or Kakaako
70 45 min $450
Photo Tour Additional Fee
Each additional 30 minuets
+30 min $160
Distant Charge
Waimanalo Beach
150 60 min $650
Town Photo
Waikiki 100 45 min $450
Downtown (Day Time) 70 30 min $450
Downtown (After Sunset) 20 15 min $200
Sunset Photo
One of Kakaako, Magic Island or Kapiolani
120 60 min $550
15 min from start till toast and cake cut 20 15 min $200
30 min from start 70 30 min $300
60 min from start 120 60 min $400
Reception Add
Each additional 30 min
50 +30 min $150

Cancellation and Date Change Policy

Before 31 days prior $0
After 31 days and before 8 days prior $800
After 7 days prior $1,600


  • We will ship DVD or USB thumb drive to your home in about 1 month.
  • Delivery time may delay by photographer or carrier conditions.
  • Courier fee to Japan is $50. Please ask delivery charges to another country or area.

chrissy lambert

born in tokyo and raised in japan, guam and hawaii, chrissy’s bicultural and bilingual background helped shape her into the cosmopolitan artist she is today.

chrissy went to honolulu’s preparatory punahou high school and graduated with honors from the university of california at santa barbara. she then went on to new york to study at the prestigious international center of photography. at the same time, she apprenticed with some of new york’s top wedding photographers and was able to develop her unique style.

since founding chrissy lambert photography in 1997, she has become one of hawaii’s most sought-after wedding photographers. she is regularly highlighted in hawaii bride & groom magazine and has also been featured in a variety of leading national and international wedding publications. she marries documentary photography with her own artistic approach to find the perfect balance of storytelling and spontaneity.

chrissy lives in the manoa valley with her identical twin boys, chase and sage. her family is her first love, but she can be rendered weak in the knees over the lululemon workout clothes, claire vivier bags and jo malone’s french lime blossom perfume. when she isn’t behind the camera, she can be found fueling her passion on a surfboard.