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We wil make stamps from your facial image. Please send a image of bride and Goorms or with pets.
We will make stamp and mail it from Hawaii.
Stams can be used in invitations and message cards.


  • $200.00 for 2 people
  • $250.00 for 3 people
  • a people can be replaced with a pet.

Included Item

  • illustration for 2 peoples
  • Stamp
  • Shipping and Handling to Japan

A stamp pad is not included.

Additional Fee

  • $5.00 per character.


  1. Order a stamp to Issei Company.
  2. Send a picture file in jpge or pdf format.
  3. We will send a draft for approval. Please check.
  4. Make a stamp and send to Japan.

Time to Turn In

About 2 month from order to shipping.

Favors and Rental Items