• Head Dress, Hakulei
  • Head Dress, Hakulei

Head Dress, Hakulei

Head Dress

BouquetLive flower tiara, Hear ornament. We use same flowers with bouquet or matching flowers. 6-10buds plus some greens.

Price -3/31/2014 $45, 4/1/2014 $50


BouquetLive flower tiara at Hawaiian style. It will match to White Holoku; Hawaiian wedding gowns, or regular wedding gowns.
Price -3/31/2014 $60, 4/1/2014 $100

Center Piece

BouquetIt will decorate your reception tables. Please choose one according to table sizes.

Price Effective from 04/01/09,
Round Small -3/31/2014 $80, 4/1/2014 $100
Rectangle Medium $120-, Rectangle Large $150-

Round Small $70-,
Rectangle Medium $100-, Rectangle Large $125-

Some reception does not allow to bring in decoration from outside.

Bouquet Selection

Bouquet has the important roll in a wedding. Please check out our collections.
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Other Flowers

We have line-up of flowers that enhance your wedding, such as head dress, hakulei. We arrange your wedding.
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Pressed Flower Bouquet,
Dry Bouquet

Your actual bouquet will be preserved lively by technology developed in Japan.
>>>Pressed Flower Bouquet, Dry Bouquet