Basic Bouquet 2017

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White Rose Round Bouquet

White Rose Round BouquetOur best selling bouquet. It will suites to all type of wedding gowns.
Price $250

Red Rose Round Bouquet

Red Rose Round BouquetThe language of flowers of red roses is love. It will an accent of your most important day.
Price $250

White Lilly Round Bouquet

White Lilly Round BouquetThis bouquet has both matured and pure sides. Fresh scent will surrounds you gently.
Price $250

White Denfal Round Bouquet

White Denfal Round BouquetGogeous and refined denfal bouquet that suites both elegant and tropical occations.
Price $165

White Rose Clutch Bouquet

White Rose clutch BouquetBunch of neat White Roses.It’s natural look suites for garden weddings.
Price $250

Cascade Bouquet

Cascade BouquetVery Hawaiian green hearts scattered into the bouquet.
Price $250

Crescent Bouquet

Crescent BouquetThis Cheerful bouquet suites to Hawaiian blue sky and ocean and your White Wedding Gown.
Price $230

Bouquet Selection

Bouquet has the important roll in a wedding. Please check out our collections.
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Other Flowers

We have line-up of flowers that enhance your wedding, such as head dress, hakulei. We arrange your wedding.
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Pressed Flower Bouquet,
Dry Bouquet

Your actual bouquet will be preserved lively by technology developed in Japan.
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