Terms and Conditions

  1. We understand client have read “Reservation Procedure“, “Agreement” and “Cancellation Policy” pages before proceeding to actual reservation process.
  2. Wedding date and time at the church may vary due to unexpected church event such as funerals.
  3. if client have any request to client’s wedding, please let us know in advance.We will materialize client’s request at our best. We will give advance notice, if we are not able to answer to client’s requests.
  4. We are not responsible to any wedding related problems that has been made by other companies.
  5. Church weddings will be done in Christian style. If client would like to have an nonreligious ceremony, client are not able to choose any churches for wedding ceremony.
  6. Wedding receptions will be done according to law and customs of Hawaii.
  7. Agreement between client and our company will be established upon receiving of the deposit. We will cancel client’s wedding reservations, if we are not able to confirm client’s payment of deposit by the date we request.
  8. Client has to pay the balance by day before the wedding date.
  9. Prices of our goods and services may change without advance notice.We will let client know any changes as soon as possible.
  10. We may cancel your wedding due to unexpected riots, warfare, geological disturbance or weather conditions. We may be not able to refund to client in some cases .
  11. Client is able to choose photographer, videographer or makeup artist only in the designated plans. We may change photographer, videographer or makeup artist with notice.