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  • Video by Propeller

Propeller USA (Video) 2017

Video by Propeller

Please check Kahala Hotel Exclusive Plan.

2017 Price

Effective till 3/31/2018

Ume HD Tokumori HD Take HD Matsu HD
Toku Matsu HD
DVD $790 $1,170 $1,980 $2,860 $3,500
Blu-ray $880 $1,275 $2,225 $3,120 $3,770
Make & Limo x x x ∆ (1 Cam) o 1 Cam
Ceremony o (2 Cam, 1 Videographer)
(Ceremony only 2 Cam)
o (2 Cam, 1 Videographer)
(Ceremony only 2 Cam)
o (2 Cam, 1 Videographer)
(Ceremony only 2 Cam)
o (3 Cam, 2 Videographer) o (3 Cam, 2 Videographer)
Interview x x o o o
Photo Tour x x x ∆ (1 Cam) ∆ 1 Cam
Reception x x o (1 Cam) x ∆ 1 Cam
Hotel x x x *(Please see note 4) o 1 Cam
Sunset x x x x ∆ 1 Cam
Counseling x x x o o
Meeting x x x o o
Music x 1 1 x x
Total Length approx. 9min approx. 7min approx. 7min approx. 5min approx. 8min
Delivery 2nd day from Ceremony
Deliver Locally, not including shipping fee
1 month after
Deliver to Japan, Including shipping fee
2 months after Ceremony
Deliver to Japan, Including shipping fee
  • ∆ Please choose 1
  • Hotel part is limited only after the make-up scene.


Items Remarks
Edited Copies
DVD Copy $200 Additonal copies could have different menues. video feeds are same.
Blu-ray Copy $220
For Ume and Tokumori
Guest Interview $200 A short message per group for large parties
For Tokumori and above
Media Service $400 Quick Time and mpeg 4 movie in USB drive
For Take and above
Cinematograph $400 Shooting by DSL camera
Reception shooting and
Editing for 1 hour
$560 Additional fee $200 will be applicable if you need lighting.
Uncut speech and
audio recording
$400 For who would like to record entire speehes.
(only images will be recorded if not ordered)
Beach shooting and
editiing for 1 hour
$560 Edited for 3-4 min.
After Make at Hotel 30 min $480 Option for Take
Express Services $480 Take will be delivered in 3 weeks. Matsu and Tokumatsu will be delivered in 4 weeks.
Stand-by Fee
more than 1 hour $135 will be applied to other than Tokumatsu
Un-edited materials
Un-edited Material Copy $850~ Please bring your own USB or HD for the copy.
Maui and Big Island $800 per videographer dispatched from Oahu.
Incl. Airfares, Accommodations and Transportations
Shipping to Japan $90
Next Day delivery $70 Additional Shipping and Handling charges will be applied.
  1. For Matsu and above, please let us know your email address.
  2. For Take and above, Please inform the date of the party in Japan after wedding in Hawaii.
  3. The date of the party in Japan needs to be at least 60 days after wedding in Hawaii.
  4. There will be no meeting and hotel photo if you choose photo tour instead of make scene for Matsu.
  5. There will be no exception for the shipping dates for express services.
  6. If you select photo tour instead of make scene for Matsu, contents of interview will be the same as Take.
  7. Reception shooting is one hour from the beginning of the party.
  8. Please bring your own USB or HD for raw data.
  9. Please select from town, beach, or downtown for photo tour.
  10. Stand-by fee is included in Tokumatsu.
  11. Take includes ceremony and reception. (Reception needs to be right after ceremony)
  12. From 2017, Propeller will select music for Matsu and Tokumatsu.

Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks ~ 3 days Prior 50%
  • 2 days prior ~ ceremony day 100%

Propeller USA


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Videography by Propeller, famous by its TV Commercial productions